Trumbull County Warren

Warren, Ohio; a Prosperous and Pleasant Town

In the year of 1846, Warren, Ohio was home to 1,600 residents who purchased their supplies at the town’s twenty stores, attended their choice of five churches, perused the three newspapers available and patronized the town’s bank. A catastrophic fire burned several buildings on the town square that same year, but they were soon replaced with new businesses. Farmers surrounding the town depended on the stores, feed mills and bank to meet their needs as they worked to produce agricultural products.

Trumbull County Courthouse located in Warren Ohio

Throughout the 19th century and into the twentieth, Warren continued to grow in prosperity and population. By the year 2000, 46,832 residents lived and worked in the community, giving the town the distinction of having the highest population of Trumbull County’s communities.

Businesses and Professionals

Warren residents who are employed in the medical field are most likely to work at Trumbull Memorial, Joseph Warren Hospital or Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital. Other major employers in or near the city include the Tribune Chronicle, Delphi Packard Electrical, Ajax TOCCO, Thomas Steel Strip or Seven Seventeen; a credit union located in town.

The most famous business in town might not be what you would have expected. People come from all over the country to visit this place as it has been featured on many local and national news sites.

The Hot Dog Shoppe

Local Schools and Higher Education

Warren city schools are dedicated to provide the best education possible to every student. The future success of the city depends on well-educated residents who will eventually work and live in the community. Warren is located near many universities. Kent Trumbull is nearby, Youngstown State University, and liberal arts school Hiram College are all within about 30 minutes of the city. Often the dedicated residents and business owners who live and work in Warren, the town is likely to continue growing and progressing with the communities efforts. The people who live in or around the town are fortunate indeed to live in a town that is both pleasant and prosperous.

Warren Memorials

Warren is home to a few unusual museums and memorials:

  • National Packard Museum – Packard Cars

Location: 1899 Mahoning Avenue N.W., Warren, OH 44483

  • Harriet Taylor Upton House – Women’s Suffrage Headquarters

Location: 380 Mahoning Avenue N.W., Warren, OH 44483

  • John Start Edwards House – Oldest known structure in Trumbull County

Location: 303 Monroe Street, Warren, OH 44483

  • Dave Grohl Alley – Legendary Foo Fighters lead singer and Nirvana Drummer

Location: Off Main Avenue SW, between West Market Street and Franklin Street
Warren, OH 44481

  • First Flight Lunar Module – Hometown of Neil Armstrong

Location: 2553 Parkman Road N.W., Warren, OH 44485

Warren Weather

The weather in Warren can be quite sporadic and can change very quickly with being located just off of Lake Erie. One day it can be sunny and 70 degrees and the next below 32 and snowing. Warren is a part of the snow belt that typically receives lake effect snow during the winter months. Lake Erie typically stays unfrozen most months of the winter, water evaporates into the air and then gets dropped on the snow belt around northeastern Ohio including Warren and other parts of Trumbull County.

Although Warren, Ohio may get snow, it tends to be less risky in terms of natural disaster statistics. Earthquake activity is 85 percent smaller overall than that recorded in the United States. The average of natural disasters annually is recorded at eight, while the United States average is 12.