Trumbull County Niles

The Political & Economical Landscape Of Niles Ohio

If you’re not familiar with the small city of Niles, Ohio, it’s going to ring a bell here in just a minute. It’s located in Trumbull County, but you might not yet recognize that name either. You’ve certainly heard of Youngstown though, and Niles is part of that metropolitan area. In fact, Niles is directly located between Warren to the northwest and Youngstown to the southeast. Niles is home to the Eastwood Mall that is right off of Route 422 and Route 46, the two main roads through the town.

City of Niles sign. Birthplace of President McKinley

Niles Manufacturing: Past and Present

Niles was originally named Nilestown after a past citizen Hezekiah Niles but was shortened to Niles in 1843. If you take a look at the motto and at the city’s history, you know that it’s proud of its past, a well-established hub for manufacturing. In the 1900s many manufacturing companies such as Ohio Galvanizing, and Niles Iron and Steel Roofing Company were big names in town. Today manufacturers such as Niles Expanded Metals and Trumbull Metal have continue the century-old history of the town. It used to be all about the iron, steel and glass, but the community of Niles is also having to look forward to the future.

Presidential History

Niles is the birthplace of President William McKinley, the 25th US President. In honor of his memory, the McKinley Library in Niles and the McKinley museum both reside in Niles where he was born in 1843. As for the current government, the City of Niles provides many services to the community including police and fire departments, public water and sewer utilities, street cleaning, snow plowing, parks and recreation, and engineering services. Niles City Schools and McKinley High School are home to thousands of students looking toward a bright future ahead of them. The McKinley Dragons contend in all major sports including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

President McKinley Birthplace Memorial

Minor League Baseball

Speaking of sports, Niles is home to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, a minor league baseball team to the Cleveland Indians. Fransciso Lindor and Jason Kipnis of the Indian’s 2016 World Series team both played for the Scrappers in 2011 and 2009 respectively. Former Indian Travis Fryman is the current manager of the Scrappers. They play in Eastwood field, just northwest of the Eastwood Mall along Mosquito Creek.

Local Business Support

The City’s motto talks about the ‘vision for the future.’ However, the city has been hit hard by the manufacturing decline in the US that has been such a major political issue lately. It’s an issue period, and Niles has definitely taken a hit. Still, the political leaders within the community are always working to drive the city forward, and there are many prominent businesses within Niles.

Whether you’re there exploring the city’s history, just passing through, visiting family, on a full-fledged vacation or perhaps in Niles on business, you’re going to need something to eat. The top restaurant in Niles is Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, which is a great place to get a steak. Other prominent restaurants in the area include Vernon’s Cafe, and Stone Yard Grill & Tavern. Some of the other businesses that support the local economy are a Raphael’s Beauty school, Chester Family Dentists, a Niles Planet Fitness branch, and Niles local Animal hospital.