Trumbull County Newton Falls

Newton Falls, Ohio, a quiet town along the river

Newton Falls Ohio is a quiet, bustling town with over 500 businesses available to serve the needs of the people who live there. This wonderful community is located in Trumbull County right on the Mahoning River in between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and closer to places like Akron and Youngtown. This makes it a convenient place for business owners, politicians, and families to make their home, without paying the higher rates commanded in the surrounding cities.

Newton Falls Public Electric Utilities

Newtown Falls Businesses

The businesses available are actually quite diverse, and offer more options than most people would expect outside of a major city. There are a number of specialty places such as Electrical Switch manufacturer Quality Switches, Arck Electronics, Positive Images Direct and Transco Railroad Fabrication. All of these combine together to create a rich mosaic of one of a kind companies for the people living within the area.

Newton Falls Government

The local government is extremely committed to maintaining the character of the area, and has gone out of their way to ensure the city remains one of the most walkable communities in the area. They have done this by working side by side with business owners in the community to ensure consistent growth for businesses while focusing on local access for residents. This combination has helped the city grow without hampering the accessibility for local residents.

The government has been hard at work this year ensuring that access to employment, parking, and a number of other options have been preserved. They have also created a superb budget that ensures utilities, taxes, and other payments into the local area are being put to the greatest use without putting more pressure on the taxpayers in the area. The commitment by the local government also helps the local Newton Falls school district and library for funding of their staff. This bold move has ensured that the rights of residents are protected along with the rights of businesses, showing the true character of the community. The Newton Falls Water Distribution Plan and Water Treatment Facilities keeps the water clean and pumping to all houses in the area. Newton Falls also has their own Trumbull County electric company which is quite uniquefor such a small town.