Trumbull County Hubbard

A Guide To Hubbard Ohio

If you want to be sure that you are able to understand the Hubbard, Ohio area before moving, it is important that you do your research. There are a lot of important points about Hubbard that you should understand, to include their form of government, types of businesses and other information.

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Hubbard Local

In terms of incorporation, this city is found within Trumbull County. As of the most recent census data, this city features approximately 8000 people. Geographically, it spans approximately 4 miles. In terms of business, the college nearby is a large source of jobs and income. The city is located close to Kent State University Trumbull County branch, which features several graduate and undergraduate programs.

Hubbard Government

There are also some military training centers in the area which also provide jobs and business. In terms of Hubbard government, there are three people on the government board who are elected on a four-year basis. They stagger the election cycles, with two seats up for grabs following the presidential election and one spot prior to the presidential election. They vote on financial issues and work in collaboration with Hubbard building boards in order to approve or disapprove zoning changes, building regulations and a host of other issues.

The city of Hubbard features public education systems from elementary school through high school. The demographics are almost entirely white, at approximately 96%.

Local Hubbard Businesses

Local businesses are a large part of this little suburb outside Youngstown near the Ohio border. A few of the small businesses include Braydich Dental, Hubbard Music, The Gentry Catering, Snap Fitness, Pizza Works, and Greenwood Chevy dealership.

Now that you understand a little bit about this city, you will be well aware of what to expect if you are deciding to make a move to Trumbull County. This is a small, but proud Ohio city with plenty of history and a number of residents with plenty of pride in the area. Keep doing your research so that you know exactly what to expect if you are planning to move to Hubbard.