Trumbull County Girard

All You Need To Know About The City Girard, Ohio

The City of Girard is a well known local small city in the Trumbull County, Ohio, USA. Despite its small demographic with a general population standing at only 9,958 as of the 2010 population census; the community has a strong hold over the city’s natural beauty. Girard provides an excellent change in seasons with the lakes and recreational parks being attractions for tourists heading through the Ohio state. Of course, the community is more than merely recreational facilities in exquisite heartland beauty. For a city to thrive there is a need for an effective town government with business backing.

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Girard Business

Contrary to popular belief, this small village is more than just a few construction companies with some town cafes here and there. A few of the local businesses are the Fire Grill BBQMargherita’s Grille , The Creekside Golf Dome , Frankford Bicycle Inc., and the Jib Jab Hotdog Shop.

As part of the ever-advancing technological society, Girard is embracing online business in addition to their future plans for technology institutions. Currently, the online businesses are some of the most beneficial for Girard, Ohio increasing the exposure of real estate companies and automobile businesses.

Girard Government

The government aspect of Girard, Ohio takes note of all the different issues in a civil society boasting different departments and boards for the community. The plumbing, electrical, health and appeals (legal) board are all official and have regular meetings to ensure their information is up to date. By doing so they are meeting the needs of residents. Of course, city officials and councilmen need to oversee the conduct of all legal representatives. Presently, the mayor of Girard, Ohio is James J. Melfi with the president of the city council being Reynold Paolone. Mr Melfi’s term will end in 2019 and Mr Paolone’s term will end in 2017.

Girard Parks and Recreation

As mentioned before, Girard has many parks that change beautifully in the fall when all of the leaves change colors. Girard has an Upper and Lower Girard Lake which were formed between years 1931 and 1933 by damming the nearby Squaw Creek. Once previous farm land is now home to many animals and wildlife such as deer, rabbits, beavers, pheasants, geese, and wild turkeys. Girard Liberty Park is another park that has a soccer fields and a pavilion for rent if you would like to have a nice family gathering in the park. Similarly, David-Tod Memorial Park has a pavilion and baseball fields where local teams like Howland come to play ball.

As can be seen, the city of Girard, Ohio is one taking a stand among the larger cities attempting to control their community in a beneficial manner.