Cortland Government

Mayor of Cortland and City Council

Courtland’s government is comprised of a Mayor and seven city council members. All council members are voted into four-year terms. Members must have been residents of Cortland two years prior to running for government office. Cortland city council meets are held at City Hall (400 N High St, Cortland, OH 44410)  on the first and third Monday’s of every month. The mayor can be reached directly at

Planning, Zoning, and Building Commission

This group meets the second Monday of each month at the City Hall. The duties of the commission are to plan future development that aligns with Cortland’s views for the town. This includes planning of new roads, buildings, parks, subdivision, industry, and other property issues.

Additionally, a Board of Zoning appeals meets regarding any discrepancies between parties. The board stays impartial to avoid conflicts of interest regarding community members disputes. The board will do what’s best for Cortland, its residents, and its businesses.

Cortland Parks & Recreation

The Cortland Parks and Recreation group plans for the overall policies regarding the City’s recreational facilities. This includes all parks, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor facilities, pools and other land owned by Cortland. This also may include development and maintenance of these properties.

Cortland Police, Fire and EMS Departments

Cortland Fire Station

Cortland has both full-time and part-time staff for its Police and Fire Departments. The list of Police employees on staff can be found on the City of Cortland’s website. These members keep the community safe and put their lives on the line daily to protect and serve their fellow residents. The Fire department is located at 194 Lattin Street, Cortland, Ohio 44410. The department is still located where it was originally built and a second station was created in 1976. The paramedic unit was established in 1979. In total the department responds to about 1700 emergencies each year which accounts to nearly 5 calls a day!

Cortland Finances

Cortland’s treasurer operates as the Director of Finance. They oversee all departments, boards, commissions, and employees that work as a part of the City of Cortland. The director examines accounts and works with estimating and budget constraints.

Lakeview Local Schools

Lakeview is the local Cortland school district. Their mascot the the Bulldog. Lakeview high school has most major sports including football, soccer, tennis, volleyball golf, basketball, baseball, softball, and track and field.  Lakeview has many bands for both high school and middle school including marching band, concert band, jazz band, and symphonic band. Their schedule and performance occur throughout the year, not just during one season.