Cortland – Local Business

Cortland Business

Cortland is a small, friendly little town east of Mosquito Lake within Trumbull County. There are many businesses in the area that support the town both local and chains. Here are a few you should visit:

Just Pizzelles

Just Pizzelles is a specialty cookie business that makes gourmet Italian pizzelles. Pizzelles are an Italian waffle cookie that are round and flat, and depending how cooked either soft and chewy or hard and crisp. Typically baked around Chrismas or Easter they can be stamped with decorations. Just Pizzelles makes over 90 different flavors if the cookie, decorated beautifully coming in all in different colors. The rainbow array of pizzelle’s they make, you’re guaranteed to find a type you like.

Pizza Joe’s

Pizza Joe's Logo

Pizza Joe’s is a typical pizza place but there is one pizza that sets it above the rest, its veggie pizza. You may think it’s a joke but a broccoli and cauliflower pizza is amazing. With a ranch-type base sauce, chopped broccoli and cauliflower, a nice mix of cheese, and a good crust, this interest pizza will leave you wanting more. It’s 16 piece sheet pizza’s are pretty cheap and recommended if you want leftovers. Pizza Joe’s in Courtland is located on the north side of Main Street and has a takeout window for pick-up so you don’t have to get out of your car!

Furniture Decor & More

Furniture Decor & More Consignment Shop

Furniture Decor and more is a local consignment shop that has unique furniture you won’t find elsewhere. If you are looking for a set of table and chairs, beds and bed frames, lamps, jewelry, or aeven some Amish-made goods, this is your place to look. The shop both buys and sells quality made products so the next time you visit you’ll see new pieces that you haven’t seen before. The store is located on the east side of High St. just passed Market St at 212 North High St. Cortland, OH 44410.

The Lake Tavern

The Lake Tavern Cortland Ohio

Originally named after its owners Daniel and Polly Lake, the Lake Tavern is a great place for a bite to eat. The rustic interior is original and homey for a local restaurant. The tavern often has live music during all times of year, whether inside when they move furniture around or outside at the stage behind the building. Don’t underestimate the food either. In 2012 the Lake Tavern won the Burger of the Year award for Mahoning Valley. Visit the Lake Tavern at 6071 St. Rt. 46 NE Cortland, Ohio 44410.

Cortland Lanes

Looking for somewhere to have some fun? Cortland Lanes is a fun place to take the kids or get competitive against your friends. Cortland Lanes has been open for over 50 years, has leagues on most nights of the week, and can be the next place for a kids birthday party. They even cosmic bowling nights on both Friday’s and Saturdays.

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