Trumbull County, Ohio

Welcome to Trumbull County

Trumbull County State of Ohio Seal

Trumbull County is home a unique place with two opposite ends of the spectrum to visit. You can be in the city with over 100,000 people in it or in a rural town where traffic lights where there are no traffic lights. You can take in a college football game, play golf, get lost on the back rounds of Amish Country, or visit one of many museums and historic sites.

 Trumbull County is the most eastern county in Ohio and borders Pennsylvania. The county was founded in 1800 and named after Johnathan Trumbull whom was the Governor of Connecticut. The county is 637 square miles and of that land 18 square miles is water. Routes 82 and 11 are the two main highways that cut through Trumbull County east/west and north/south respectively.

The county used to be part of the Underground Railroad. Local residents helped fugitives escape to Canada between the 1823’s and 1837 through nearly 153 miles of escape routes including Route 45 which was the most direct path.


According to the 2010 census there were just over 210,000 people living in Trumbull County, Ohio. The two major demographics were white with nearly 90% and over 8% African American. Oddly 1% of the population spoke German as their first language. The average median household made about $42,000 and over 15% of the population was below the poverty line. Trumbull County has historically been a democratic county but in 2016 the voting flipped to be 51% Republican and 45% Democratic.

Trumbull Higher Education

Trumbull County is home to a few Universities including an extension of The Ohio State UniversityKent State University Trumbull BranchTrumbull Business College  and Ross Business College. Trumbull County also has its own vocational school for high school students and adults at Trumbull County Technical College

Trumbull County’s most populated communities including Warren, Cortland, Girard, Hubbard, Newton Falls, Niles, and the outskirts of Youngstown. The villages of Lordstown, McDonald, Orangeville, West Farmington, and Yankee Lake are also a part of Trumbull County.

Metroparks and Wildlife

Trumbull County Grand River Wildlife Area

 Trumbull County is home to many Metroparks with miles of bike and hiking trails. Grand River State Park, Morgan Swamp Preserve, Mosquito Creek State Wildlife Area, Mosquito Lake State Park, and Shenango State Wildlife Area are to name just a few of Trumbull county’s parks and nature preserves

One of the largest parks and the biggest lake in the area is Mosquito Lake State Park at almost 2,500 acres. Mosquito Lake is pet-friendly, has hiking, biking, horse, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing trails. It’s a great place for bird watching, hunting, fishing and overall relaxing in a nice quite area.

Mosquito Lake is one of many locations that has embraced technology in the park for what called Geocaching. Geocaching is the new-age treasure hunting game with GPS-enable devices. Hidden containers are set throughout the park and using GPS coordinates and other treasure trail hints people travel  around to find the secret boxes. Mosquito Lake has over 150 locations around the lake. How many can you find?

Trumbull County Business

The county is home to many towns and cities where business is thriving. A few locations you should visit are Girard, Hubbard, Newton Falls, Niles, and Warren. These are the most populated areas and have the most places to visit and eat in the county. Trumbull county is home to many large businesses including a General Motors Chevrolet manufacturing plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Be sure to look up and support local businesses that only provide their services in northeast Ohio. Local Trumbull County Electricians, plumbers, roofer, tradesmen, farmers, shop owners, accountants, and lawyers all can help you with your personal and commercial needs.