Portage County Ravenna

Ravenna Ohio Will Immerse You In Italian American Culture

Ravenna Ohio City Logo

One of the most well-known facts about the city of Ravenna, which used to be a township, is that it’s very diverse. The diversity is primarily found in the Italian American population, and you can imagine that means there should be some great Italian restaurants in the area. Those restaurants will be discussed in a minute, but first you might want to know that the city’s name actually comes from Italy as well. Additionally, for geographical purposes, Ravenna belongs to the metropolitan area of Akron, Ohio.

Local Ravenna Politicians and Government

The current mayor of Ravenna is Frank Seamen as of 2016. If you’re familiar with the city’s recent history, you might know about the last mayor, Joseph Bica, as well as mayors before him. There is Kevin Poland and Paul Jones. Paul Jones was actually the mayor of Ravenna for quite some time, but there was a political scandal and criminal charges, for which he was sentenced to prison. Nothing like having political fraud involving dishing money to the mayor’s son tied to the city’s history.

Businesses Supporting Ravenna

Still, that doesn’t tarnish the reputation of this great city, known for unique businesses like Skylar’s Homemade Cheesecakes, Photo Memories and Portage Turf Specialists. Other local businesses include Ashton Sound & Communications, Quality Clean and Planet Earth Preschool & Daycare. Take it easy on a city that used to be a township and only features a little over 10,000 residents. That’s the type of city that sounds like a good place to live.

It was mentioned that the best Italian restaurants would be discussed. The #1 restaurant in all of Ravenna is Guido’s Pizza of Ravenna. Three out of the top four restaurants in the city are Italian food establishments. The other two are Siciliano’s Pizzeria and Delciello’s Ristorante & Lounge. Arnie’s West Branch Steakhouse breaks up the Italian food restaurant sweep. Have fun exploring all of Akron, but make sure you spend enough time in the local area of Ravenna in Portage County, where you can take some Italian American culture home with you.