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Mantua Township Government And Businesses

Mantua Corporation Limit Street Sign

Mantua is a township in the Portage County in Ohio. The township is one of the eight townships that makes up this county. A board of trustees made up of three members as well as an elected township fiscal officer governs the township. One of the board members is elected a year prior to the presidential elections whilst the other 2 board members are elected one year after the presidential elections are held. The fiscal officer is elected in November of the year preceding the presidential elections. He or she takes office on 1st April the following year and hold office for a four-year term. There are village councils which are involved in the affairs of the various villages that are found in Mantua Township.

Mantua Business

When it comes to the business environment, Mantua Township sports businesses of a typical township as well as some manufacturing enterprises. For instance, Mantua has businesses engaging in the construction business. In this regard, the township has businesses supplying construction material and equipment, contractors providing building construction services, plumbing contractors, Portage County master electricians and more services.

Additionally, the township has consultancy enterprises that provide members of the community with consultancy services in different fields. There are business consultancy firms, tax consultancy firms, legal consultancy services and many other consultancy services. A couple of those businesses, in particular, are Mantua Hardware and Lawn and Garden as well as Stamm Contracting.

Mantua also has different entertainment, beauty, and body care businesses. From pubs, clubs to tattoo parlors, you can find any kind of entertainment here that is popular nationwide.

As for the manufacturing industries, Mantua has a plethora of manufacturing industries. Some are classified and small business whilst others are classified as medium enterprises. Some notable industries that exist in Mantua include plastic manufacture and fabrication, machining businesses, synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber product manufacture. Mantua Manufacturing is one of those businesses. All these and many of kinds of businesses play a huge role as the manufacturing backbone of Mantua Township.