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Aurora, Ohio sits right at the center of the Cleveland-Akron and is dubbed as the best place to set up your business in the area.

Currently, the largest employers in the city are TCP Lighting, McMaster Carr, Rotek, and PartsSource. Except for TCP lighting which manufactures electric bulbs, all of the companies are into manufacturing of parts for a wide variety of industries. Of course, there are other smaller businesses in the area but they are mostly support services for the major employers.

If you want to set up a business in Aurora, Ohio you would be glad to know that the city government has an extensive incentive program that should encourage you to take the first step. The first of these incentives is the revolving loan fund which you can apply for. The second major incentive that we see is the ongoing tax abatement program where the city’s Tax Incentive Review committee annually meet to review tax abatements.

Aurora Farms Premium Outlets located in Aurora, Ohio.

Then there is the Joint Economic Development District which provides financial support for public services and infrastructure improvements for business.

If you are wondering where in Aurora you can establish your business, the city has so-called Enterprise Zones as well as Community Reinvestment Areas where businessmen can enjoy tax incentives. But if you are not so keen on taking root in those special areas, the city has plenty of land that has been zoned for commercial use. These are readily available for purchase, and the best thing about it is that they are affordable for most businesses. Any shop owner, lawyers, pest control specialist, chiropractor, or electrician in Aurora could purchase one of these locations.

Of course, there are existing buildings that you can buy or rent, including the ones found in the city hub.

If you want more information, you can contact the city government to meet with the Director of Economic and Entrepreneurial Development.