Geauga County Middlefield

The Village of Middlefield

Middlefield, Ohio sign - states

Middlefield is located in northeastern Ohio, just west of Mosquito Lake and borders neighboring town Burton. Middlefield is home to 2,710 people and continues to be a major location known for its Amish community. It is well regarded as the fourth largest Amish settlement in America. Middlefield is known around the nation for having produced Matthew Justice, a Pro Wrestler, and Franklin Gilson, a politician and jurist.

Village Government

Middlefield’s government is made up of two parts, the mayor and the local council. The 2016 mayor is Ben Garlich and is an elected official for the village. There are six members of the local council to which he is the current head (four-year term). The follow are all representatives from the village and make all of the requisite decisions required:

1) Carl Hornung
2) Bill Blue
3) Sam Morrow
4) Rick Seyer
5) Scott Klein
6) Ron Wiech

Funded by Middlefield local taxes is the Cardinal School’s district for local student,  Middlefield Library (a Geauga County Public Library branch), Middlefield Senior Center and Mineral Lake Park which has some nice walking trails and a skate park for young teens. Mineral Lake was later dedicated to Bob Giardina, a retired math teacher who lived near the lake his entire life and has taken his children and grandchildren fishing.

Mineral Lake in Middlefield Ohio dedicated to local resident

Middlefield Local Businesses

In the small location, there are several prominent businesses established for those who are living in the area. These businesses include:

1) Karl’s Jewelry
2) Middlefield Tavern
3) Middlefield Banking
4) Good News Newspaper
5) Middlefield Cheese House
6) Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen

These are just some of the key local businesses in the region, and many others continue to add to its growth. The town is considered an excellent spot for commerce and a place to look for an electrician in Geauga County. Middlefield is an emerging location with a robust setting and an excellent foundation for those looking to set up business. With a unique community and a commitment to understanding the needs of one and all, Middlefield continues to impress. The region has come a long way since it was founded in 1818 and has expanded past the railway that was set up for its boundaries. This has made it a central location for many current Amish settlers.