Geauga County Burton

The Quite Little Village of Burton, Ohio

The Village of Burton Ohio is located in Geauga County and is the one of the largest Amish communities in Ohio. It is also still a quiet community fashioned after the New England village greens. Today, the village is thriving with plenty of businesses and a dedicated government council who work together to promote the village as one that is a close community that networks with other businesses in nearby communities.

Council meetings are held regularly. The public is always welcome to attend to learn more about the events important to the government including zoning and other issues as they arise.

Places to Visit in Burton

Burton Log Cabin

Among the businesses, the Burton Log Cabin is one of the most popular. It is a great place to get maple syrup and maple syrup candies. It’s located in the center circle of Park Street near the Burton water tower. The Log Cabin has been allowed by the local chamber of commerce to sell each of these online at the Burton Chamber of Commerce website if you do not have time to visit. The Lilac Garden Gift Shop is another favorite stop which sells handmade quilts, scroll-cut wood items and hand blown glass made by the owner.

Century Village Museum, Geauga County, Ohio

The county historical society also runs the Century Village Museum. While this is a non-profit, it is a collection of buildings and artifacts reminiscent of the village’s history. It is also an excellent place to rent out for special events and boasts the most beautiful views in all of Geauga County.

In addition to allowing the public to meetings, the government has also given the Village a presence online. Visitors can see all the news and events they like by going to the Village of Burton Facebook or Twitter pages.

Both the government and all the businesses make visiting the Village a warm and wonderful experience. This well-organized, safe community offers great scenery and wonderfully made handicrafts.