Electrician in Newton Falls, Lordstown, and Mineral Ridge Ohio

Valewood Electric, Inc is a local electrician service that proudly serves Newton Falls, Lordstown, and Mineral Ridge, Ohio. Our professional and licensed staff has over 40 years of electrical expertise and enjoys serving our northeast Ohio rural communities. Newton Falls is a great little town with many thriving businesses. If you have problems with your electricity and it’s causing headaches for you in your home or business, let us know and we’ll happily come out to give you a free estimate on what repairs may need to be completed. We are upfront and honest about our services and are always transparent in our recommendations. We will make sure what needs to be fixed gets fixed on-time to best fit your schedule. Review a list of services below that may be causing electrical complications in your home or office.


Potential Electrical Problems:

  • Faulty Outlets or Light Switches
  • Out-of-Code Electrical Circuitry
  • Outdated Electrical Panels
  • Tripping Circuit Breakers
  • Lights Flickering or Power Surges
  • Frequent Lightbulb Burn out
  • Exterior Junction Box Issues
  • Ungrounded Electrical Outlets and Plugs
  • Appliance Electrical Draws
  • Abnormally high electric bill inspection