Electrician in Girard, Hubbard, and Vienna, Ohio

Valewood Electric serves many locations including Girard, Hubbard, Vienna and the adjacent cities in the Mahoning Valley. We have professionals in the area that can come out give free estimates for your residential or commercial needs. Our licensed staff is professional, timely, and will always give you the best advice and solution to your problem, not what will make us more money. We are here to serve you and the community and our reputation is more important than making a quick buck.

Common Residential Electrical Work:

  • Install New Ceiling and Bathroom Ventilation Fans
  • Check Home Electrical Circuitry
  • Repair Electrical Outlets or Faulty Switches
  • Install Lighting Outdoors
  • Fix or Replace Electrical Service Panel
  • Inspect and Repair Exterior Electrical Service

Common Commercial Electrical Work:

  • Wiring of Entire/Partial Commercial Building
  • Security System Lighting Installation
  • Industrial Electrical Equipment Installation
  • Repair or Replace Commercial Electrical Panel