Electrical Generators

5 Important Uses For Electric Generators

It is good to have electric generators for planned-out uses as well as in times of emergency. Today, generators are cheaper and more powerful than ever and investing in one can be quite beneficial for a variety of different purposes. Here are 5 important uses for electric generators.

  1. Emergencies Generators and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters and emergencies are some of the main uses for electric generators in the United States due to valid concerns over earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters common in particular areas.

Power out in home after tree fell on house

Residents of areas prone to such disasters should invest in one since they can mean the difference between life and death, eating and starving, or even staying cool or overheating. In times of natural disasters, help can take long to arrive. Until it does, using a generator helps you be independent and cared for until the power comes back or help arrives.

  1. Portable Power for Construction Sites

You have probably seen construction workers and contractors working on buildings or even in the streets but what you may not have realized is that electric generators are commonly used on construction sites.

Portable Electric Generator for outdoor construction use

Generators are used for powering nail guns, spray guns for painting, industrial lighting, and various other power tools. Contractors and their crews use generators to get the job done because of the easy operation and charging of these generators.

  1. Electrical Power Outages

Occasional power outages are the sole reason for some people and businesses to invest in electric generators. Power outages can happen when a storm becomes very bad or when a vehicle hits a transformer. Without power, air conditioners stop working, refrigerators start warming up, and phones run out of charge.


Home Back up electric generator
Home Back Up Electric Generator


While those are usually a small inconvenience for a couple of hours, you can never be truly sure of how long it will take for the power to be restored. You can choose to invest in a generator for small scale usage to keep the essentials in your home or business running until power is restored.

  1. Farming Equipment

If you live in the urban areas or suburbs, you might not realize that generators have numerous farm applications. If storms and other types of disasters cause power outages, farms can easily come to a standstill. While the gas-powered equipment may still be operational, electric-powered equipment will be down.

For many farmers like all businesses, time is money and once some pieces of equipment are not in operation, the farm is losing money. Generators are important for ensuring that electric-powered equipment continues working to continue production, to feed livestock, to keep food fresh, and to keep lighting on in their homes.

  1. Outdoor Electric for Events

Electric generators are not used exclusively for emergencies. Many people use generators for various outdoor and recreational events. Structures are not always available to draw power from so having generators to power outdoor events is always welcome.

Final Thoughts

Electric generators truly have a wide range of uses from providing emergency power for homes and farms to powering outdoor events. If you have not already invested in a unit, now is the time to do it so that you may enjoy all the benefits they bring. If you’re located in Geauga, Portage, and Trumbull counties, call Valewood Electric and we can help with your electric generator needs.